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Diamond Letters Slot D (Flipper)

Diamond Letters Slot A - H are a group of mini game Apps that allow the user to change out the game's icons for other letters or icons. But only if you win. Keep trying!

How do you win a different letter icon in Slot D?

You have to be quick with your fingers or thumbs. Keep tapping on each diamond to reveal hidden letters or icons. They change every 20 seconds. You need to get 2 similar icons one after the other in sequence to win a new home screen icon. Keep trying. You have unlimited turns and can't die! Each Slot App can be any letter you need. In order to spell a four letter word you will need to download Slot A,B,C & D or similar.

Why would someone want to do this?

Possibly to personalize their home screen or to show a simple reminder. Plus it livens up a boring home screen for sure.

Screenshots from the Slot D Game?

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